Robert Burns Night

An event to celebrate Robert Burns’ night with music and food. There will also be an introduction to who Robert Burns was and a tribute to his life and work. Performances will also be present such as live bagpipes and poetry.

Yemen is known for its contribution to Arabian poetry and Yemenis are extremely proud of it. As the Yemeni community is growing in Scotland, we believe it will be a great idea to emphasise on the similarities between the Yemeni and Scottish heritages which in this case is Poetry. We are aiming to build bridges between the 2 heritages and for Yemenis to be active citizens of Scotland by knowing more about its culture and history.

Event's Info:

  • Place: Community Central Hall, 292-316 Maryhill Road, Glasgow, G20 7YE

  • Date/Time: 22nd January 2022, from 3pm - 6pm GMT

  • Free Tickets