About Us

Who We Are

We are a group of ambitious Yemenis living in bonnie Scotland who had an idea to support the Yemeni community in Scotland and also to promote both the Yemeni and Scottish rich culture and heritage. We are proud to be Yemeni and Scottish and we believe there is a huge potential to create an inclusive, loving, supportive and everything that is beautiful and positive with the Scottish society.

About YSF

The Yemeni Scottish Foundation is a non-profit, non-partisan organisation aimed to be a focal point for all Yemenis and people connected to Yemen in Scotland regardless of their political views, religious beliefs, and ethnic backgrounds. We take pride in promoting Yemen’s diverse cultural heritage. In addition to contribute to the social & economic integration and development of our community in Scotland.

Our Mission

The organisation has three main areas of focus known as "The Three Circles":

Arts & Culture

  • Events on Yemeni Culture, Art & History.

  • Events on Scottish Culture & History.

  • Celebrating public holidays and national days.

  • Field trips.


  • Our unique Service "The Map Of Life In Scotland"

  • Understanding of life in Scotland

  • Key Facts of Scottish History.

  • Connect with various communities and backgrounds in Scotland.


  • English Language.

  • Employability.

  • Supporting talents.

  • Sports.

  • Hobbies and Crafts.

  • Entrepreneur guidance and support.

YSF Aims

  • Provide opportunities for people to know each other and develop a sense of community through a wide variety of events and programs.

  • Connect and integrate newcomers with the community and Scotland at large, where they feel at home in Scotland.

  • Create a healthy social environment where children can develop a deeper sense of pride and belonging to their cultural and historical heritage.

  • Leverage each other’s knowledge, skills and networks to help each other out personally and professionally.